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Please contact below if you require immediate support:

For Urgent Medical attention: POM General Hospital or FSC 324-8246

Bel isi PNG Case Management: 7055-4407

Counselling: 1-Tok Kaunselin Helpim Lain 7150-8000

Police: Boroko 24 hr help 324-4331

Transport: Meri Seif Line 7222-1234

Click here for further support services.


Bel isi PNG offers employees case management and safe house services and provides business leaders with transformational tools to support change in the workplace and community. Bel isi PNG directly addresses the escalating cost and impact of FSV on companies.


The Cost to Business is



FSV reduces productivity, increases absenteeism, and greatly raises costs associated with employee turnover and security.


 Bel isi PNG is proudly supported by the following donors: