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What do members receive?


Executive membership to a leadership forum that includes an annual event with internationally recognised guest participants.


Regular newsletters, education and communication materials on the availability of services to help make FSV prevention and support part of the company culture.


Induction session for the senior leaders to explain the available services provided by Bel isi PNG.


Professionally operated case management services for employees and their immediate family members to assist them in addressing their individual situations.


Access for female employees and their immediate family members to a secure and professionally operated safe house when required.

Invitation to join an annual End of Violence Against Women Walk supported by the Brisbane Broncos, the PNG Orchids and the PNG Hunters.


How much does membership cost?

Corporate subscriptions are a critical part of Bel Isi PNG’s financing model to ensure the sustainability and quality of FSV services in Port Moresby. Bel Isi PNG offers companies and organisations wanting to address the cost of FSV in doing business a tiered subscription model based on number of employees.

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Under 50 Employees 51–100 Employees 100+ Employees
PGK 30,000 PGK 60,000 PGK 100,000

The Oil Search Foundation manages subscription fees and ensures the overall quality of services provided – without charging project management or any other fees.
This means Bel Isi PNG receives 100% of subscriptions fees.

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 Bel isi PNG is proudly supported by the following donors and partners: