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Bel isi PNG is committed to sharing with our partners resources that we believe are helpful in addressing family and sexual violence. All resources on this page are vetted for their quality by our team of experts. They include links to useful websites, strategies, policies, speeches and other documents as well as information developed by Bel isi PNG. These resources are updated regularly.


FSV Toolkit

Bel isi PNG has produced a toolkit for our subscribing partners that provide information on key issues related to family and sexual violence as well as information on where to access support. Subscribers are provided with the complete printed toolkit. The toolkit information on this website is free to the public. 

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Additional Resources


Papua New Guinea National Strategy to Prevent and Respond to Gender Based Violence 2016-2025. 

The Papua New Guinea National Strategy on Gender Based Violence (GBV) 2016- 2025 is the Government’s framework to prevent and respond to GBV which is viewed as an endemic problem. The Key Objectives are to:

Ensure that by 2025 the Government of PNG has a functioning GBV governance and institutional structure supporting the achievement of zero tolerance towards GBV, aligned with the PNG Development Plan, Papua New Guinea Vision 2050, and with the Sustainable Development Goals 2016-2030Standardize and institutionalize data collection and facilitate ongoing in-depth research to support evidence-based planning, budgeting and programming to end gender-based violence and contribute to national and international reporting commitments.Ensure quality, continuity and sustainability of coordinated responses, referrals and service delivery for survivors of gender-based violence.Scale-up, decentralize, and standardize inclusive, quality initiatives and messaging for prevention of gender-based violence at all levels and in all sectors of society to influence behavioural change required to achieve zero tolerance towards GBV.


Understanding Gender-Based Violence to Secure Sustainable Development in Papua New Guinea

The  PNG Painim Aut Report  produced by the United Nations Development Program under the leadership and direction of the Papua New Guinean Department for Community Development and Religion and Australian Government provides easily accessible data for the diverse range of stakeholders who have a role to play in preventing and responding to  Gender Based Violence (GBV) in PNG. This includes government, civil society, the private sector and international organisations. The report also provides valuable information in support of the rollout of the National GBV Strategy (Mark can you please highlight a link to this elsewhere in the resource section) by the Government of Papua New Guinea. At the same time information presented in the report can provide the baseline against which to measure progress in implementing this National GBV Strategy.

The Report covers the prevalence of GBV globally and regionally and its complex causes as well as a summary of prevention programs. It also provides an analysis of GBV in Papua New Guinea, the key challenges in addressing it and the way forward in the context of the country’s National GBV Strategy and the  United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


‘Silence is the Accomplice’
Australian Army domestic violence awareness

General Angus Campbell, AO, DSC Chief of the Australian Defence Force 

Australian Chief of the Defence Force General Angus Campbell attended the first Bel isi PNG annual leadership forum in September 2018. He drew on a speech he gave to the Australian National Press Club in August 2016  which put the issue of responding to domestic violence in an organisational context. His messages have resonated with many business leaders and are outlined in his speech.


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