What is Bel isi PNG?


Bel isi PNG (peaceful PNG) is a public private partnership to address family and sexual violence (FSV) for those living in Port Moresby.

Companies and organisations in Port Moresby that want their employees to benefit from coordinated and structured FSV services can subscribe to Bel isi PNG.

Subscribers gain access to practical solutions including:

- Professionally operated case management services for employees and their immediate family members to assist them in addressing their individual situations.

-Access for female employees and their immediate family members to a secure and professionally operated safe house when required.

-Executive membership to a leadership forum that includes an annual event with internationally recognised guest participants.

-Regular newsletters, education and communication materials on the availability of services to help make FSV prevention and support part of the company culture.

-Induction session for leaders and staff to explain the available services provided by Bel Isi PNG.

How do I obtain more information?

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