A dedication to Bel isi Initiative


Your smile melted away my compound fears

Your handshake shivered down my timid miseries

Your hug unleashed all my anxious butterflies

Your kindness squeezed out my lonesome melancholies

Your voice trickled music to my troubled ears

Your words kindled hope for my strayed paths


A time out for my weary running feet

A relieve for my protective shielding hands

A nap for my emotional puffy eyes

A silence for my bereaved estranged voice

A peace for my shattered heart

A therapy for my battered soul


Turned my doubt into mission

Turned my hatred into lesson

Turned my scar into subject

Turned my sorrow into melody

Turned my pain into song


Now I can dance this song

Now I can sing this melody

Now I can write this subject

Now I can teach this lesson

Now I’m on this mission


Bel isi.



Safe House

*A dedication to Bel isi Initiative.