Workplace Awareness Sessions


Over 1,000 employees of subscribing companies in National Capital District have attended a Bel isi PNG employee awareness session.

These sessions, delivered in collaboration with Business Coalition for Women cover important information, including:

  • What is Family and Sexual Violence

  • Types of abuse

  • Why your company has subscribed

  • What services are available and what is case management

  • Important information on services

  • Introduction to the Meri Seif Line operated by G4S

  • Support for men

  • Key contacts and tool kits

We have some learnings to share from these initial sessions:

  • Being able to link the services to your organisations policy framework and existing services is very helpful for staff

  • Early identification of key contact personnel is important for staff to access additional information or seek assistance / feel supported within the workplace

The sessions themselves are most impactful if:

  • Supervisors and managers attend a session to hear the same messaging and are encouraged to lead on support for staff

  • As many staff as possible are enabled to attend, including both men and women

  • Time and space for staff to feel confident to ask questions is important

  • Time available following the session should be made available for staff who are not confident to ask questions in the formal session

The feedback from attending employees has been very positive with many staff asking for the same information to be shared with their communities. We will seek further feedback to continually improve.

Please contact Bel isi PNG on how to organise a briefing for your organisation.

Omar Dalagan