National Capital District support for Family Sexual Violence services


While family and sexual violence is still a massive problem in Port Moresby, we now have more support services. Survivors have more options of the type of service they need, such as seeking medical help from a doctor, a court protection order from a legal officer, counselling and safe accommodation.

What the survivors of violence now need is a map of these different services, to smoothly connect them. A survivor cannot always be expected to navigate their way through the complex maze of FSV services– or, for that matter, even know they exist.

The National Capital District Gender Based Violence / Family and Sexual Violence Action Committee Secretariat coordinates referrals with the different services available in the city for survivors of family and sexual violence . Run by the National Capital District Commission, under the strong leadership of Governor Powes Parkop, this body provides a step by step road map of Port Moresby’s different FSV service providers – such as the Royal PNG Constabulary- Family Sexual Violence Units, State Child protection officers, the Family Support Centre, the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the Public Solicitors Office, safe houses and case management services.

Thanks to NCDC and partners, those who have experienced violence will know where to lodge a formal complaint, apply for a court order, access appropriate and timely medical support and sort counselling. Through organisations like Bel isi PNG survivors will also have access to case management and safe accommodation.

We commend the NCDC on being champions for change and helping survivors to seek the help they need.

Omar Dalagan