Human Right Defenders Association and National Capital District Commission Peaceful Demonstration

The theme for the recent peaceful demonstration was “No Compensation, we demand justice for our women and girls”.

The Papua New Guinea Constitution sets down fundamental rights of all people including:

  • The right to life;

  • The right to protection from the law; and

  • The right to freedom from inhuman treatment.

Hundreds of walkers joined together peacefully in support of these rights. They were met on the steps of parliament by Deputy Prime Minister, Steven Davis who affirmed that the government is serious about human rights, and men and women must be equal in rights.

Bel isi PNG partners joined the peaceful march as we are passionate about addressing and raising awareness on human rights issues including family sexual violence and the protection of the rights of women and girls.

National Capital District Commission Family Sexual Violence Action Committee Manager Ruth Beriso, who coordinated the involvement of Bel isi PNG partners, stood on the steps of parliament alongside the Human Rights Defenders Association on behalf of all women and girls.

Omar Dalagan