Toolbox 1: How do you recognize signs of Family and Sexual Violence?


A person living with family and sexual violence may show some of the following signs or behaviours:

  • Stop seeing friends and family.

  • Appearing afraid of, or worried about, pleasing their partner.

  • Not coming to work, church or other regular activities.

  • Appearing worried, depressed, withdrawn or losing their confidence.

  • Saying their partner is jealous or has a bad temper.

  • Showing visible signs of physical violence, such as bruises or cuts.

  • Saying their partner always phones or texts them when they are apart.

  • Not wanting to leave their children with their partner.

  • Saying their partner pressures or forces them to do sexual things.

  • Saying their partner controls their money.

  • Experiencing harassment or stalking after ending a relationship.

Did you know?

A person experiencing family and sexual violence may be ashamed to talk about it. They may be afraid of losing their job.

Act now

If you suspect someone is experiencing family and sexual violence, recommend that they call the 1-Tok Kaunselin Helpim Lain on 7150 8000 visit the Family Support Centre at Port Moresby General hospital or call the Bel isi PNG Case Management Centre (Operated by Femili PNG) on 7055 4401.