Tips for CEOs: How does Bel isi PNG support leaders?


Tips for CEOs: How does Bel isi PNG support leaders?

Bel isi PNG helps create an environment where it is safe to raise Family and Sexual Violence issues by:

-       Defining the ways your organisation can assist employees

-       Ensuring information is provided about available services

-       Providing transport options for staff needing to access services

-       Creating an environment that fosters behaviour change

What does Bel isi PNG offers to its subscribers?

An internal response ensuring employees are provided with the relevant information about local services

  • Clinical care

  • Psychosocial support

  • Safe house options

  • Comprehensive case management services

  • Legal assistance

  • Welfare services

  • Transport

Make the most out of your partnership with Bel isi PNG

  • Communicate widely that your organisation has joined Bel isi PNG Ensure your staff know this issue is important to you as leaders – speak about it often and participate in community events that address violence.

  • Ensure you have a FSV policy in place, communicate what this policy entails and what support is available.

  • Identify and train workplace contacts.

  • Look at your peers and share with your peers – the Bel isi PNG newsletter will help.

  • Undertake prevention activates – Bel isi PNG can help.

Ask Bel isi PNG to speak with your staff about all support options and distribute Bel isi PNG toolkit.